CHALCEDONY is my prog-rock project. The site is here: Chalcedony.
All the music I've written or produced is on the Rusalka Records website.
Projects included:
Chalcedony - Chapter I, II & III
Elements I, Elements II, Butterflies (Piano)
Eveshka - Domovoi (Piano)
Plagan - Pestilence, Merlin (Doom Metal, joke)
Deltastealth - Metagun (Doom Metal, joke)

I've experimented with writing robots that compose music automatically following complex algorithms.
They're not perfect but they were literally written in ten seconds. Some interesting stuff came out.
They include Deathwasp, and Tigerwolf - Pride of the Pack, and some others.

I've drummed for and co-produced most of the Confusion albums.
Follow the Confusion Facebook Page.

My first soundtrack is The Granary (118 mins approx), on the Rusalka site.

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