My first released film, The Granary, was shot as a plan D film after three failed attempts.
You can learn more about the story here.
I have shot my second feature, The Bastard Sword, fantasy-adventure, and my third, a horror.
You can watch the entire film on the link below, or get a DVD/Blu Ray on the site from the link above.

The Granary (Full Movie)
Behind the Scenes

I have made my own music videos for my prog-rock project, Chalcedony.
This is pretty much what got me into picking up the camera and doing it for myself.
The first one was Ben And I, shot on a hand-me-down camcorder on auto.
I thought it was great at the time but looking back it's pretty bad!
The latest videos here were done CANON 550D. I have recently upgraded to SONY A7S,
and have shot my last two features on those.

Chalcedony Music Videos

Little Death
Never Fall Again
Final Hate
The Bird That Spoke
Left Side of the Pier

Older Chalcedony Videos

Wrong Again
The Angel
Final Love
Pandora's Box
Ben And I

Shooting music videos is challenging for me, because I always tried to tell a story.
Because the sound is already set, so is the timeline, so the trick is to put key
events into that timeline. I often found I would have too much footage of a quick
event, and too little of a long event.
Feature films obviously, don't have this problem, but open up a whole new way of editing.

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